Thursday, February 11

From the Field... February 9 - 12

Field Observations from Eureka Canyon
February 9 - 12, 2010

Witch's Hat (Hygrocybe conica). This bright-colored member of the Waxy Cap family can be identified by its conical shape and tendency to bruise black when handled. 

Shaggy-stalked parasol (Lepiota clypeolaria). This species is unmistakable due to its shaggy stem and dark brown 'eye' at the center of the cap, which bears a humorous resemblance to a human nipple.  

Calisoga spider (Calisoga species). This large, handsome spider resembles a tarantula but is less hairy and slightly smaller. Found burrowed in a pile of mulch at Koinonia Conference Grounds.

Blue witch nightshade (Solanum umbelliferum) flowering in a chaparral area east of Rattlesnake Gulch. 

Blue witch flowers consist of five fused petals, creating an umbrella-like corolla that closes at night. As with many species in the Nightshade family, Blue witch is poisonous if consumed.

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  1. Your blog is very interesting. I see why you stop to take photos so often on trails now. Good times at outdoor school. :)